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Welcome to Juzzle Home Page

Juzzle is an puzzle game, written in Java. It is a simply game for short pleasure. The game is playable but not ready yet, so don't surprise if it crash. Juzzle is supported by SourceForge.net
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1. News

  • 2 November 2001
    I have documented the Juzzle 0.5 source code. The source code and the java docs can be browsed online (see download section).
  • 25 September 2001
    Version 0.5 ist released. This is the first release.
    I needed only 43 minutes to solve the "Space 3" image, with a 12x8 division and a 1280x1024 screen resolution. Do you think, you can beat me?

2. Screenshots

If you have screenshots from Juzzle on other OS (Linux, Unix, Mac, ...), then please send me these.

3. Download

Juzzle is freeware, but please read the licence (it is short) at first time. With the use of Juzzle you accept the licence.

You need Java 1.3 to run it. Simply double click on the jar file or start it from the console with the command:

        java -jar Juzzle.jar

If you download the zip version, then you must first extract the jar file from the archive or download the jar file directly. The data in the jar file is stored without compession for faster execution.



for the sourcecode please visit the SourceForge side: http://sourceforge.net/projects/juzzle

4. Instruction

It's very simple: you have a set of pieces and must combine these to a rectangular image. If you found two pieces that matches together, then these becomes one piece.

- first you must select an Image
- then set the preferred division of the image
- and you can play. If you solved the image, you see a message with the time you needed.

- if you want a new game, select "New" from "Game" menu
- to use you own image, select "Open" and the image is added on the end of the image list
- "Reset" reset the current game
- "About" show a dialog with the informations about Juzzle
- "Quit" close the program.

to increase the performance, you can deactivating graphics effects

5. Status

ToDo List

  • make a applet version (Java 1.3 is needed)
  • complex division of the image (non rectangular)
  • scrollable game space for bigger images
  • automatic solver
  • image archive download, for the applet version (simple zip file)
  • save game and configuration (only for non applet version)
  • highscore list
  • better random algorithm for pieces placement on game begin
  • rotating of the pieces
  • audio sounds on clicks

version 0.5 (first release)

  • GUI
  • simply image division
  • double linked list of double linked lists as model for the puzzle pieces
  • shadow drop while dragging
  • outline of pieces
  • loading user images
  • reset the game
  • timer for game time

6. Books (every link open a new frame)

Java for beginner

I didn't need these books (I had learned C/C++ before), so I can't say which is good. I recommend you to go to the next bookstore and ask for the bestseller book, thema "java for beginners".


  • Graphic Java 2, Volume 2, Swing by David M. Geary
    An good book about Swing. I needed only this book to learn how to use Swing. It doesn't contains all concepts of Swing and it is not very new, but it is enough to understand how Swing works.


  • Java 2D Graphics by Jonathan Knudsen
    If you want to learn and use Java2D you need this book. It describes all concepts of Java2D.

  • Pure JFC 2D Graphics and Imaging by Satyaraj, Ph.D Pantham
    Another good book for Java2D. It has many examples.

  • Computer Graphics for Java Programmers by Leen Ammeraal and Leendert Ammeraal
    This book is not realy related to Java and don't describes Java2D. The sourcecode in the book is a rewritten C code. If you want to learn how to write an own 2D or 3D engine with Java without use of Java2D or Java3D that works on every JVM version, then it is the right book for you.

7. Links (every link open a new frame)





  • SelfHTML (German)
    The best online tutorial for writing HTML pages, includes CCS, integration of Java, JavaScript and many others. Better as every book.



my other Projects

  • JVirus
    JVirus - "Write once, destroy anywhere" :)

  • Animatronik
    This is my other project. I work on it longer. It is a program to create Anime & Manga images.

8. About the autor

My name is Slawa Weis (email). I have over 6 years C/C++ and 4 years Java experience. Juzzle is my first opensource program. I have worked a long time for my other project Animatronik, so I wanted to make anything other for relaxation and anything that has a first beta release. So I created Juzzle. I needed only a weekend for it (version 0.5). My interests are programming, games, anime, 2D animation and multimedia in any art. If you have a question about Java or game programming and don't find the answer, so ask me, I try to help.

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